So It Begins

Saturday, July 6, 2019

If you missed the drama, the catalyst for this initiative was a feature request being closed down on the GNU Image Manipulation Program’s project site: (link redacted to respect the GNOME moderators’ decision to hide the thread)

A number of us disagree that the name of the software is suitable for all users, and after 13 years of the project refusing to budge on this have decided to fork!

Initially this fork will just re-brand the existing v2.10.12, but the intention is that in the future as interest grows we will also add new functionality that addresses common user complaints. There is considerable interest in the idea, so we hope to use that to create something great.

We think the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a brilliant piece of photo editing software, but a fork provides the opportunity to forge a different path and share our changes back upstream so the wider community benefits.

If you think this is a worthy pursuit you can follow our github project, chat to us on the fediverse or donate via our Patreon.