Glimpse 0.2.0 Release Notes

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

This release rebases Glimpse Image Editor on the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.18, introduces helpful configuration settings from PhotoGIMP, and adds 64-bit support on Windows.

We have completely rewritten our Windows installers from scratch, providing users with the option to install in custom locations, and fully deprecating Python 2 components on that platform. We have also pre-bundled G’MIC with our 64-bit Windows installer.

Key underlying dependencies and changes have also been backported on Windows and Linux to provide a more stable and secure experience for all Glimpse Image Editor users across both platforms.


Linux users can install Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.0 as a Flatpak from the Flathub repository, and as a Snap from the Snap Store. There are also a number of additional installation options for Linux detailed on our Downloads page.

Windows users can use an MSI file to install Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit systems running Windows 7 or later. We chose that type of installer to assist businesses and schools using centralised software management systems. The two we have provided can also be found on the Downloads page.

Known Issues

New Features

Glimpse 0.2.0 is based on GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.18. It also uses the following dependency package versions:

UI Improvements

Windows Improvements

Linux Improvements

Developer Improvements


We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards making Glimpse 0.2.0 a success, particularly those unnamed individuals who spread the word about our project on social media, shared their feature requests with us and provided feedback to the development team during the beta testing phase.



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We would like to say a special thank you to all of our financial backers on Open Collective and Github Sponsors regardless of whether they are listed below or not. Without your help this release would not have been possible, and your continued support is highly appreciated.