The latest release is Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.0, and it is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Release Notes


Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.0 is supported on 32-bit and 64-bit systems running Windows 7 or later.

Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.0 installer

Direct download | Sha256: f1efb22791ac02e3db399f986cabdc80f2559099a254269429f8a4a43d7483b4

If you are having problems with this installer, we also provide an unsigned version for troubleshooting purposes. Please note that the unsigned installer will trigger security warnings from Windows and your installed anti-virus program.


We distribute Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.0 on Flathub. If Flatpak is not already installed on your machine, follow these instructions:

Once setup is complete you can find Glimpse by searching in your distribution’s software center, or you can click on this button:

Download on Flathub

Alternatively you can install it manually at the command line:

$ flatpak install flathub org.glimpse_editor.Glimpse

Community-supported sources

These packages are provided by third parties in the wider Glimpse community. We sometimes merge changes to the codebase they provide us with but they are not directly supported by the Glimpse project.


The Glimpse project does not currently support the MacOS platform, but we do plan to in the future.

As a temporary work-around, we recommend using the Seashore variant of the GNU Image Manipulation Program instead.

Build our code

We have provided instructions for building and packaging the Glimpse Image Editor source code on our project wiki:

You can also test out our own beta and development releases by following these instructions: